Portal Advanced Chamber 18

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1. Portal Test Chamber 18 (Advanced) – Portal Wiki


This is the sixth and final advanced chamber of the game. This version is unlocked when the original Test Chamber 18 has been completed.

2. Portal Test Chamber 18 – Portal Wiki


This Test Chamber is the nineteenth level of the game, and requires the player to utilize their knowledge of advanced Flinging techniques, …

3. Portal/Chamber 18 — StrategyWiki, the video game …


Contents. 1 Walkthrough. 1.1 Part 1 – Drops and Flings; 1.2 Part 2 – Turrets and Energy Pellets; 1.3 Part 3 – Linked Flings. 2 Advanced …

4. Portal/Advanced Chambers — StrategyWiki, the video game …


Six chambers, Chambers 13 to 18, have Advanced variants that you can play after completing the normal game. The general layout of the …

5. Test Chamber 18 – Portal Wiki Guide – IGN


To get across the first large gap, fire a blue portal onto the ceiling of the far end of the room, then create a nearby orange portal to pass through …

6. Test Chamber 18 Part 3 – Portal Wiki Guide – IGN


The next room has a pretty tricky set of platforms to traverse. The first platform is low enough that you can fire a blue portal onto its surface.

7. 5. Portal: Still Alive Challenge Maps & Advanced Chambers


There are 14 new chambers added to this version of Portal, and there are also six advanced chambers, which are enhanced versions of Test Chambers 13-18.

8. Bonus Maps – Test Chamber 18 *is* impossible!!!! :: Portal …


On the Bonus Maps, I go to Test Chamber 18 – advanced test chamber. It is only possible to launch yourself over the first lava. You cannot go right without falling …

9. Advanced 18 – Portal Test Chamber 18 (Advanced) – Portal Wiki


This is the sixth and final advanced chamber of the game. This version is unlocked when the original Test …

10. How do I solve Test Chamber 18 Advanced? – Portal: Still …


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11. GLaDOS' testing track (Portal) | Half-Life Wiki | Fandom


Upon the timer reaching zero, a portal opens leading to Test Chamber 00. … chamber is another test meant to teach test subjects how Super Buttons and Storage Cubes work, but this time the test is much more advanced. … Test Chamber 18.

12. Test Chamber 18 From Portal 1(All Rooms, Normal[Story …

Test Chamber 18 From Portal 1(All Rooms, Normal[Story] Mode [REMAKE]) from PortalMaps

This map is a remake map made by me, Portal2Player2. Click the link to go there. There is also an advanced version of the chamber, click to go there.